Computer Tweaking

Tweaking is the act of making minor changes to a computer to achieve better overall performance or resolve very minor errors.

This help desk service includes:

  • general security settings check to help prevent possible infection
  • brief discussion “as-we-go” regarding recommended changes
  • adjustment of system settings as deemed appropriate to achieve a desirable ratio of performance and visualizations (eye candy)
  • resolution of minor start-up troubles. (missing programs, etc)
  • removal of undesirable and unwanted software and browser extensions that can be quickly removed *
  • notification of any determined issues (if applicable) and a brief discussion of possible resolutions

* Please note that tweaking is not malware removal. Undesirable and unwanted software that cannot be removed using normal methods (as determined by your version of Microsoft Windows) is malware.

You will be notified of any obvious malware infections and given the option to upgrade your service rather than incur a separate charge. will occasionally remove minor infections during remote access computer tweaking at no extra charge. If this happens, please consider the gesture a “thank you” for your continued show of support.

Remote Access Computer Services