— — —

Name: Mona L Burns
Message: It is such a pleasure to have someone like you to call for help. You are so knowledgeable and kind and informative. I am so grateful for your help as I know you saved my computer from the viruses that were attached to it. I totally recommend you to anyone who has any issues or questions concerning their computers. Thank you so much for your friendship and help. Hey where is the start button? HA!

Thank you for taking the time to convey your feelings through this heartfelt testimonial. Although I never wish viruses and malware upon anyone, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you to resolve the problem. Isn’t it odd about the start button? I may begin referring to it is as “the multicolored Windows logo circle thingy.”

— — —

Name: Jack Exum Jr.
Message: I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work on jackexum.com . It is really good work. The patience you have shown in working with me and this site, is truly remarkable and I highly recommend you to whoever needs help in handling computer problems and building a beautiful, practical, workable, web site. Thank you,

God bless you friend,
Jack Exum Jr.

Thank you also Jack. I decided to include on this page two of the testimonials that you have sent to me since they are written on different subjects. Thanks again, Jack. I am very thankful to have the opportunity of helping with the design and implementation of jackexum.com. It is an incredible honor to me. I appreciate your patience with me. The site is a huge undertaking, but well worth every bit of ‘sweat and tears’ that have gone into it. Not trying to be a braggart, but the layout did turn out nice. The content though, is what really makes it such a remarkable site. What a blessing it will surely be to so many people around the world!

— — —

Name: Jack Exum Jr.
Message: Over the last year or so, Earl has helped me survive computer problems and attacks from viruses and who knows what else that attacks computers. All I do is call, and Earl gets on my computer, and lets me get on with what I need to do, and just works. He tells me sometimes he is working two or three computers at one time. The guy is a genius. More than that, he cares. He is honest with me about what I need, not trying to hard sell just to make money. Mind you, he could, and I would not know much difference. But I just wanted to say thank you to him for the hours of work, and going way “beyond the call of duty”. I also want to highly recommend him for any kind of computer work you may have. He is good.

Jack Exum Jr.

Thank you also Jack, for your continued support. I very much appreciate that you took the time to write this testimonial. Your words of reassurance will surely help others to make the right choice.

Occasionally, I consider switching careers. Every time that I do it seems that a kind person as yourself reminds me again why I do what I do. No boss would ever be able to give me the kind of satisfaction that I get from helping such wonderful and thankful people.

— — —

Name: Steve
Message: I recently found Earlshelpdesk while searching for help with ridding my computer of a virus. I have been frustrated for years with companies such as Norton and Mcafee. You buy their product to prevent viruses and when their products fail to prevent a virus they want you to pay them another $100.00 to do what their product failed to do on the front end. That being said Earlshelpdesk has been a blessing straight from God! Earl operates his business in a way that is old fashioned in today’s standards. For starters he’s very affordable and personable and he knows his business. Earl went right to work on my computer… and he completely revamped my computer and had it working better than when I bought it! I have since had a couple of issues pop up with my computer (no fault of his) that Earl went right in and took care of for me with no charge. If you can’t tell I highly recommend Earlshelpdesk… he’s honest and if your computer can be fixed he can do it!

Steve from Oklahoma

Thanks Steve. What an awesome testimonial. It’s always a pleasure to help people that are so appreciative of my work ethics and knowledge. You’re also very personable and that really helped me to do my job. I feel that you may be a little overconfident of my ability to fix any computer… sometimes the particular circumstances require a local repair guy… nonetheless, you know I will give it my best shot! Thanks again, Steve.

— — —

Name: Barb & Cobe
Message: Earl, you have helped us so many times and years until we could not begin to count the times and years. You are very impeccable with your work. We can count on you at all times. You are always courteous to your clients. We appreciate your help very much Earl. We will always recommend you to everyone. Thank you Earl for everything.

Your friends,
Barb & Cobe.

Thanks Barb & Cobe. I have so enjoyed helping you both at times when needed. It makes me smile to be able to sit down to lunch or dinner with you both, as many of my clients are simply too far from home to do this with. I also know in my heart that you both keep me in your prayers. This too is very much appreciated and reciprocated. And the LORD continues to bless us each day. I look forward to our lasting friendship and helping you both with your computers for many years to come.

— — —

Name: Lynn Horner
Message: I am not someone who is easily critical, or easily complementary; I just accept most things and people are “middle of the road”, but my experience with Earl of Earlshelpdesk.com was out of the ordinary, and surprising to say the least. First of all, I am not computer savvy, and not one to blindly trust someone connecting, and accessing my computer, but I now could not be more comfortable with it. Earl is an extremist on many fronts, in honestly, staying to his word, standing by his claim that he will not stop until he implements a solution or educates you on your issue. I called Earl on a Friday, and was not at my computer, so he agreed to help me later in the day when I could be home to be at my computer. Earl, as I understand it is normally out of the office after 4pm EST on Fridays, yet he stayed until after 6pm, and wanted to continue to work until I insisted he go home, so we negotiated a time to resume work on Sunday morning… who still has this type of work ethic? I have not found many in any industry. My issue ended up being a hard drive problem, so Earl, staying to his current special offer of free remote diagnostics, was not going to charge me a penny… wow.. I repeat….WOW. I sent a “donation” for no other reason than I want to help Earl thrive for personal reasons; I make my living with my computer, and I need someone experienced, knowledgeable, honest, and dedicated to be there when I need them, and that pinpoints Earl to a T.

Thank you Earl, you are very much appreciated Sir.
Lynn Horner

Thank you, Lynn. You too are greatly appreciated and also so very personable. Through this testimonial, your quick referrals of me to your friends, and the generous monetary donations, your gratitude has been incredible. It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful people have come into my life since I began this business.

— — —

Name: Bonnie and Tommy
Message: Hi Earl! Thanks for your very expeditious help today! It is so frustrating to have a sluggish, stubborn computer that wants to go slow, when you need to go fast!! We do get attached to our older computers and know that soon we will have to let them go… But thanks to your courteous help and generous teaching, we will be able to continue as long as possible. It is so nice to be able to call and have you look in and see what is causing the problems without the trouble and expense of taking it to a computer store. Being 100 miles away is no problem!

Thanks again,
Bonnie and Tommy

P.S. And thanks for your VERY reasonable rates! This is very much appreciated!

Thank you, Bonnie and Tommy for allowing me to post your “thank you” note. You are both such a blessing to those that you come into contact with.

— — —

Name: Vicki L. York
Message: I know you said your rate for my computer issue was sixty dollars, but you were only charging me thirty, as we did not discuss price in advance. I cannot thank you enough for all of the work and extra effort you put in. I know you worked all day on the problem even cutting into your evening “off” time. You must realize how much money you saved me. Just the gas and trip time to bring it to Lake City and to pick it up would have been a bunch. Therefore, there is no way I could feel good about accepting your more than generous price cut, although I really appreciate it. So, I have included a bit extra even though it is nowhere near what you are worth. I only wish it could be more! I feel like I have made a new friend, as well as finding a great computer service. Thank you again for all of your hard work and for taking the time to educate me on some of my computer problems.

Your friend and customer,
Vicki L. York

Thank you, Vicki. I know that when you wrote this you probably never thought I would ask you if I may share it with the world, but the thought and effort that you put into this thank you noteĀ  brought a great feeling of pride and satisfaction to me. Thanks again for allowing me to share it.

— — —

Name: Paul and Kelli
Message: I wish to thank EarlsHelpDesk for the professional and superior services rendered. The level of communication and understanding I received repairing my computer problems was a standard that I wish all businesses could implement. I can safely state that I have found an ethical and knowledgeable source of computer repair that has my business wholeheartedly. EarlsHelpDesk saved my computer and therefore money and time, not to mention frustration.

Thank You Earl.
Paul and Kelli

— — —

Name: John McGuire
Message: Thanks, Earl, for your friendly, knowledgeable and professional assistance. After being raked over the coals previously — by other so-called “computer experts” — I found your services to be much less expensive, more convenient and indicative of a considerably higher level of expertise. I will be recommending you to all of my friends and associates. In this day and age, it is particularly refreshing to deal with someone who is honest, intelligent, straightforward, and familiar with the intricacies of their trade (especially a field that is constantly evolving). Would you happen to know any good mechanics, Earl??

Thanks again,
John McGuire
Owner, Vizion One Media

— — —

Name: Debb
Message: You are helping so many to have a great experience on the internet. You sure helped me…Wow !!!! I will refer you to all my friends rest assured… Thanks Again !!!!

Seen on a Debb’s blog: “Love my color thanks to www.earlshelpdesk.com wow .!!!!!!” ~ Thanks Debb. I love quoting this.

— — —

Name: Charlene
Message: I can’t even begin to thank you enough for your patience and knowledge in what we call today the world of Technology. When I first got my PC, I had no clue how to use it, and what a blessing to have found you. You are definitely heaven sent Earl. Your knowledge, patience, and overwhelming care of your clients and friends makes you a cut above the rest. Thank you so much for all your help Earl. What a Blessing that I have found in you! Keep up the great work Earl, I truly believe that the good Lord is Blessing you.

Thanks again!

— — —

Name: Merry Nehls
Website: http://www.freespiritent.com
Message: What an absolutely wonderful person! You helped me with various problems I have had with my business computer….. that I can’t do without…online… in a matter of minutes! Most places require you to bring the computer in and leave it for a week to be able to fix it! I can’t do that so what a Godsend you are! You are truly my angel. It is so refreshing to find an honest person to help me with computer problems. I would not hesitate to contact for any further help and I am sure you will be hearing from me! I am also sure you will do great with your new website and I wish you good luck and prosperity! If anyone has any doubts as to your honesty, integrity, knowledge or capabilities please feel free to email me for a reference anytime.

“My treasures do not clink together or glitter, they gleam in the sun and neigh in the night.”

— — —

Name: M&M
Message: Thank you for resolving a baffling problem on my computer. Your attention to detail was the solution. I especially appreciated your professionalism and the follow-up you provided. It was a real pleasure dealing with you. Good luck with your Website and we’ll be sure to contact you in the future if the need arises.

Thanks, again.

— — —

Name: Mike Keene
Message: Thanks for everything. Keep working it.

— — —

Name: MzTeeTee
Message: Your such a great help Earl… I don’t know what I would do without you! Thanks for all the times you have helped me.

— — —

Name: Bonnie Parker
Message: I’ve called upon Earl on several occasions and he’s simply the best. He has always been available by phone or to come by. He’s even configured software on my computer to protect my safety. He has taught me so much about computers, and does all this in a manner that even I can understand. He’s very knowledgeable, helpful, easy going, and FUN!

— — —

Name: Liz Hiatt
Message: Thank you for all the help you have given me in working on my computer and for being a great friend also. I value your knowledge about computers and also your friendship.


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