Remote Access Software

In order to take part in the remote access (help desk) services offered here, you will need a special type of software on your computer. This software allows the help desk to seemingly control your keyboard and mouse and also view the contents of your screen almost as if a technician were sitting in front of your computer.

Because caters to the specific needs of home users, free or inexpensive software is normally sufficient to get the job done. Quite often, Windows Remote Assistance, included with most versions of Microsoft Windows, is sufficient. Other times, the help desk may ask you to download and run a different form of remote access software. There are several remote access programs available that provide a free version for home users. A few companies even offer a free version for business use.

This help desk does not advocate home users spending a fortune to keep inexpensive computers running efficiently or to enjoy learning how to use said computers. This help desk firmly believes that any company attempting to use their fame and fortune to squash small businesses and/or home users is just plain mean. If you would rather do business with a friendly computer help desk, you have come to the right place.  🙂


Remote Access Computer Services