Help Desk Limitations

Although this computer help desk can meet many of your needs via phone consultation and (when necessary) remote access connection to your computer, don’t say goodbye to your local computer repair technician just yet. Some things simply cannot be accomplished through remote access.

  • Hardware issues can often be diagnosed remotely, but most people will still need to turn to the local computer repair shop to replace internal devices which have been determined to be causing a problem.
  • Internet connection problems will often require either local repairs or a call to your Internet service provider.
  • Certain viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware can cause much difficulty with remote repairs or can sometimes cause your computer to be entirely inaccessible to the help desk.
  • Some video and audio issues are difficult to diagnose or remedy remotely as well as certain problems with printers and other external devices.

These are just a few of the most common limitations to remote access computer help desk services. There may be other times that the help desk will refer you to your local computer repair shop. Nonetheless, there are many advantages of using remote access help desk services whenever possible.


Remote Access Computer Services