Beware of Fake Download Buttons

A leading cause of malware (junk software) infections I have seen in recent years is fake download buttons on advertisements on pages that contain a legitimate download. In other words, people arrive at a page to download a decent free or inexpensive app and are presented with one or more fake download buttons linked to junk installers rather than the software they want. I urge website operators to quit doing business with any ad rotation services that allow download buttons in ads. If this is not feasible for whatever reason, (more…)

Checkout and Price Changes

I have made several changes regarding pricing. The most notable changes include reduced pricing for tutoring services, one level of maintenance rather than three, and three levels of virus removal rather than two. I also reduced my standard hourly rate although the hourly rate is rarely used. You can find the price list here. In addition, I (hopefully) simplified the checkout process using a drop-down menu and “add to cart” button instead of the multiple “add to cart” buttons of the previous site layout. Have a look at the new (more…)

New Features

I have successfully migrated approximately 75% of the previous help desk site to this new format. Here are a few notable changes so far. I have made minor changes to the Service Agreement, Copyright Policy, and Privacy Policy. The former FAQ (frequently asked questions) area is now part of a searchable knowledge base. I will be able to add more information to the knowledge base with a minimal amount of effort. This is a great improvement over the format of the previous help desk site. I have added follow and (more…)

Help Desk Progress has been a website for approximately six years and as of May 1 this year, I will have been in the computer repair and services business ten years. The old website consisted of more than one hundred pages. I am converting most of those pages to this new format and the work is taking quite some time to complete. In addition to migrating much of the old content to this format, I also have some new, exciting, informative, fun, and interactive changes planned for this help desk.  It is (more…)

Happy New Help Desk

I published my first eBook on January 21, 2014 at 3:00 AM Eastern (Midnight Pacific). This eBook, titled “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You“, provides a detailed account of my journey to break free from a strong addiction to tobacco cigarettes. As I waited for the moment of the book’s release, I began redesigning the help desk to include an area to showcase my new endeavors as an author and to implement some new features I had been considering for quite some time now. Seeing my book appear (more…)