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Four Years Without Nicotine Addiction

On July 2, 2011, at 7:09 in the morning, I quit intentionally ingesting nicotine on a daily basis. I express my achievement in this manner, because it seems likely that some vegetables contain relatively small amounts of nicotine. Maybe this knowledge can help others who are attempting to overcome nicotine addiction. Since I had only consumed a minimal amount of nicotine on each of my last four days using it, the sparse cravings I experienced during this day were very weak. Excitement began to set in as I realized I (more…)

Maybe Featured On bookSCREAM!

It has been an exciting day. I woke this morning to find “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You” featured in the bookSCREAM newsletter and on the front page of the bookSCREAM website! It was in regards to a current 99 cent promotion. I have included a screenshot below. It is a smaller version of the ad; the newsletter looks even better. I am still choked up about it. Thanks again, bookSCREAM!   (more…)

Tagged! The World Book Blog Tour

Readers need writers as much as writers need readers, neither would have much fun without the other. The concept behind the World Book Blog Tour is simple. Encourage authors and readers to help connect other authors and readers. If you like what you read or if you are an author joining in the fun, share this page through other sites, blogs, and social networks. Thanks to all who participate. Thank you, Christina McMullen, for adding me to the tour! Christina McMullen is the author of several contemporary science fiction and (more…)

Three Years Free

Today, I celebrate the end of my third year tobacco-free. I lit my seventh cigarette of the day at 10:55 in the morning on June 24, 2011. At 11:30, I applied my first nicotine patch from the quitline. I had mixed feelings about the first patch. I experienced much uncertainty for the first couple of hours. At first, I was considerably nervous. However, by sunset I was feeling great! In celebration, and because my eBook is no longer a “New Release”, I have lowered the price. You can now purchase (more…)

Guest Posts

In May, I took advantage of an amazing opportunity and accepted an  invitation to write a guest post for Gilda Evans — THE Gilda Evans. In case you have been living in a cave for the past fifteen years, Gilda Evans is an accomplished television writer, producer, and director. In fact, she was even nominated for awards such as the Emmy and Ace. I titled the post, “Our First Kiss” and you can read it on “Girl Talk with Gilda Evans”. I enjoyed writing “Our First Kiss” and quickly realized (more…)

Ten Years

On May 1, 2004, I started a home-based computer repair shop that eventually evolved into the remote access computer services that most people know as EarlsHelpDesk.com. Today, I celebrate ten years in business. I could not have accomplished this without the continued support of each help desk client so with much thanks, I offer $5 off any remote access help desk service throughout the entire month of May 2014. Call today to schedule an appointment.     (more…)