Guest Post Submissions

I appreciate your interest in writing a guest post for this site.

To help you understand the type of post I desire, here is a brief history of my site. I started a home-based computer repair shop in 2004. In 2008, I launched and began to help people with their computers through the use of remote access software. Quickly, remote access services became the primary focus of my business.

As I began to overcome cigarette addiction gradually in 2011, I started to write. I published my first book, “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You,” in January of 2014 and began to redesign this site to create a platform conducive to promoting my book and other writings. In addition, I embarked on a new journey to learn various methods independent authors use to market their books, including guest posts.

I wrote my first guest post, “Our First Kiss,” for “Girl Talk with Gilda Evans.” The post is a true recollection of an intimate moment of my life. You can read it here.

I enjoyed writing “Our First Kiss” and quickly realized the undeniable mutual value of promoting guest posts. I decided to expand this site to include guest posts alongside my own writings.

I asked Gilda Evans if she would be first to write a guest post for the help desk. I am pleased to present  “A Mother’s Love” by Gilda Evans.


The following types of submissions will be considered.

  • Posts related to computers or technology. If the post is presented as non-fiction, please ensure accuracy. Posts of this type may also be poems, fictitious tales, comical episodes, etc.
  • Posts which are “Helpful Tips.” (Helpful and accurate writings regardless of the general topic.)
  • Fictitious tales or poems, especially stories or poems related to computers, technology, or help.
  • Success stories of former tobacco or nicotine addicts. (Product endorsement will not be allowed, but if you temporarily used a product to wean off nicotine entirely, your submission will likely be accepted.)

Although I cannot guarantee I will use your submission, following the guidelines set forth below will increase the likelihood that I will.

  • I intend to keep this site G-rated, not overtly controversial, and free from negativity. Please use words and choose subjects that are acceptable for all ages.
  • An ideal guest post will be short to moderate in length and will showcase your writing style as well as your knowledge or passion about the topic you choose.
  • I ask that the post be sent in Microsoft Word (.doc) or Wordpad (.rtf) format if possible. Plain text (.txt) is also an option. Feel free to include links to your site, public social profiles, and Amazon (or similar) author or book page.
  • A profile image is required, and will usually appear when I share the post to the social sites. It therefore must be G-rated. The image should be in .jpg format, no larger than 3 MB, and its width must be 498 pixels or less. If it is wider, than 498 pixels, I will likely resize it to properly fit this site.


By submitting a post, you agree to grant me non-exclusive permission to use the post on and mention it, usually with a link, across various social networks. I will send you some links so you can do the same if you choose to do so. Your post will stay archived on the site so it can be accessed later. You retain copyright of your submitted material and may use it elsewhere. If you have any specific questions, just ask. I look forward to receiving your submission.

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