Irma Survivor

It’s been a while. After deciding to give away some free copies of my books to help celebrate eight years without cigarettes, I noticed I haven’t posted to the blog since before Hurricane Irma destroyed my home. Well, more specifically, trees downed by a tornado during Hurricane Irma destroyed my home. I am okay. My home is a mess. I’ve posted many photos to an album on my Facebook author page, but until now haven’t written about it on this blog. I also haven’t logged back on my site, nor the related Twitter account @novel_ties. I’ve been considering closing it, but haven’t made a firm decision yet.

Anyway, I’ll link to the Hurricane Irma album on my Facebook author page for those who might be curious, but I won’t go into further details here at this time. One of the photos of the album does contain a brief description of what it was like to hear it coming, to ride out the destruction, etc… I don’t feel up to reliving that in my mind this morning. I might perhaps someday write the book “Irma Survivor.” I wrote that across the top of a new composition book later in the day and jotted down a few details while they were fresh in my mind.

As for this haphazard blog post, I primarily want to point out that Sunday June 30, 2019 through Tuesday July 2, 2019, you can click “Buy now with 1-Click” for free on both of my eBooks, Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You and HOW TO: Stick Your Neighbor (Without Starting War).

“We can’t survive all of the things so let us be thankful for all of the things we survive.”


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