Thank You 1and1

My websites are hosted by and I often recommend them to others. Yesterday morning, soon after I published my second book about which I will tell you more shortly, I opened my email client to find an important message from 1and1 regarding changes to my hosting package. (I will spare readers a lot of details and get to the point of this plug.) I know my clients expect great customer service from me and I expect the same from companies I do business with. This is why I have been with 1and1 since I started and also host my other sites through them. Yes. That is the point in a nutshell. There are at least two angels working in the customer service department at 1and1 and I suspect there are many.

Thank you,!

And thank you to the two individuals who went so far above and beyond to help answer my questions and overcome my concerns. May your days ahead be many and be filled with extra blessings.

Now, about that book release.

It’s a silly little ebook really, but it means a lot to me and I hope many will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Without further ado, I present to you HOW TO: Stick Your Neighbor (Without Starting War).

HOW TO: Stick Your Neighbor (Without Starting War) logo - Copyright 2017 Earl Chinnici - Designed by Stephanie Adams of Agape Cover Design

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