Cool Kids

Have you ever had to be somewhere and felt you didn’t belong there, believed you were the odd one—the misfit? I suspect most people feel this way at least once. Perhaps it was in junior high as it was for me or maybe, for you, it was some other time or place.

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring young woman from Portugal. She’s extremely talented, kind, beautiful, and has a sensational voice. Her name is Cat Rox and I absolutely love her rendition of the following song, but I want you to see the original video as well. Thank you, Cat Rox, for introducing me to “Cool Kids” by Echosmith from their album “Talking Dreams.” I look forward to your “Sundae Rox Sessions.”

By the way, a lot of the cool kids from when I was in junior high are not nearly as cool now, not in this sense of the word anyway. Many are no longer with us in this world.

Be you.


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