Four Years Without Nicotine Addiction

On July 2, 2011, at 7:09 in the morning, I quit intentionally ingesting nicotine on a daily basis. I express my achievement in this manner, because it seems likely that some vegetables contain relatively small amounts of nicotine. Maybe this knowledge can help others who are attempting to overcome nicotine addiction.

Since I had only consumed a minimal amount of nicotine on each of my last four days using it, the sparse cravings I experienced during this day were very weak. Excitement began to set in as I realized I would no longer have an uncontrollable urge to poison myself with nicotine or any other toxic substances present in cigarette smoke. Maybe I will someday learn of a word or phrase that can adequately describe the joy I felt as I considered that I would not have to buy another cigarette.

Today, I celebrate four years of my adulthood free from nicotine addiction. The book I began writing when I quit smoking, “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You,” has been offered at reduced price for several months now. Figuratively, this places the book in the “bargain bin” at the retailers where some people will not likely find it. Soon after this Fourth of July weekend, I will return the book to its “regular price” of $2.99 (US) so if you think you might like the book, take advantage now of the lower price.

"Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You" by Earl Chinnici
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