My Great Grandpa

Doctor Eugene Oscar Sims, son of Captain Bluford M. Sims

This is a digital photo* I captured of an old photograph of my great-grandfather, Doctor Eugene Oscar “Doc” Sims. The photograph was presumably taken on November 25, 1914, as this date was hand-written on the back.

Doc Sims was born in Ocoee, Florida, on June 11, 1867 to Captain Bluford Marion Sims and Fannie Caroline Roper. Captain Bluford Sims, by the way, was co-founder of the city of Ocoee, Florida and established the first citrus nursery in the United States. He was also a distinguished veteran of the Confederate States Army, captain of the Thomas’ North Carolina Cavalry.

Doc Sims married Lalla Sullivan and had five children, one of which was my grandmother, Sylvia. He passed away in 1930 in Ocoee, Florida.

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