The Energy Of Love

“The Energy Of Love” by Paul Brewster

Michael climbed the stairs to his grandfather’s bedroom. He opened the door and went in. His grandfather, now eighty-seven, was propped up on two pillows reading a book. Michael, who was seven, and the youngest of five children, went and stood beside his grandfather’s bed. His grandfather looked up from his book at Michael, and said, “Hello Michael. You’ve finished your dinner have you?”

“Yes grandpapa, I have. What are you reading?”

“This?” asked Michael’s grandfather, as he waved the book in front of Michael. “It’s just a book I came across some years ago now. It’s called Love Without End, and was authored by Glenda Green.”

“I see,” said Michael. “What’s it about?”

“Oh, lots of things young fella. Essentially though, it is about love and its meaning. It says in this book that we are love Michael. Do you understand what that means?”

“Well sort of, grandpapa. Can you explain it to me?”

“Sure,” said Michael’s grandfather. “Essentially it means that we are made from love’s energy, and because we are, the energy of love imbues us, but not everyone understands this. You might say that the source of our being is love. Does that help?”

“Yes grandpapa. I follow you. We are made of love’s energy, and it gave us our body,” said Michael.

“Yes, you can look at it like that, and also in the way the energy propels us through life and gives us strength when we need it,” said Michael’s grandfather. “It is not physical strength I mean here Michael, but the emotional strength that is needed to fight against the battles we encounter while travelling life’s path.”

“I see grandpapa. Tell me grandpapa, what is the most important thing in life?” asked Michael.

“Ooh, now you’ve asked a question,” smiled Michael’s grandfather. “What do you think it is little one?”

“I think being happy is most important,” said Michael.

“Yes, on that I would agree Michael. Happiness must spring from somewhere though, and it’s the source of happiness that is important to me. You know, I used to think being wealthy was all that was important, and I chased wealth for many years. I started a company, and had many assets. I lived the high life, and drank plenty of booze. I treasured status, and belonged to many organizations. I was a director of this and that company. I believed I was a very important man. Then one day, during a recession we had many years ago now, I lost everything, and went bankrupt. No-one came to my rescue, and I was left with nothing,” said Michael’s grandfather.

“You weren’t happy?” asked Michael.

“Not when it was all going on when I was younger. I felt as though I had been abandoned, and that my happiness depended on how others saw me, but I was wrong to think that. Happiness comes from within Michael, and I had to learn this,” said Michael’s grandfather.

“How old were you before you learned it grandpapa?” asked Michael.

“Oh, pretty old, young fella. Like sixty odd. Sometimes it takes longer to learn things, especially the big things in life,” said Michael’s grandfather. “The mind can either serve the heart, or rule it. I found that my mind ruled my heart, rather than my heart ruling my mind, and making my mind the heart’s servant. I was all order and routine. I rose at six, showered, had breakfast, and then went off to work for the day. I returned at eight, had my dinner, watched some television, and then went off to bed, and got up the next day and did the same thing, year after year. I became selfish and greedy as time went on and my business took off. I cared not for failure, and believed anyone could be successful if they put their mind to it. I looked down on what I considered to be unsuccessful people. Then, when I was fifty-five, my business collapsed and I collapsed with it, and went on a drinking binge, and would come home and abuse my wife and children. I was depressed, and felt that life had cheated me.”

“So, what happened grandpapa. How did you find what was most important to you then?” asked Michael.

“Well, I went into seclusion in the end. I began to search deeply for answers, and I found them. I started reading books that were of much help to me; self-help books like this one,” said Michael’s grandfather, waving the book he had in his hand again.

“That book is all about love, is it?” asked Michael.

“Yes, that and more. It is a special book this one, and it brings much solace to the heart Michael. This is important to me now at my age. Only love matters, and when one understands this, they are always happy. Let not your mind rule your heart Michael, for in doing so, you will forever seek happiness, but if you let your heart rule your mind, you know happiness instead, for the heart’s love and happiness are like bride and groom.

“I see grandpapa. I love you grandpapa,” said Michael.

“I love you too Michael. I will always love you now, and forevermore.”

Michael lent forward and kissed his grandfather on the cheek. “I have to go off to bed now grandpapa. I’ll see you in the morning,” he said.

“For sure little fella. Sweet dreams,” said Michael’s grandfather.

Michael left the room, and his grandfather lay in his bed. He opened the book by Glenda Green at the page he had been reading before his grandson had entered the room. There he saw written the following words. “You are love Glenda.” The words of a special man for a special time, and for all time; the spoken words of Jesus.

Paul Hume BrewsterAbout the Author

Paul Brewster was born in Australia, and has lived there all his life. On graduating, he earned a degree in business studies, and when thirty, a graduate diploma in education. Paul taught for twenty-two years before retiring to devote his time to writing about spiritual matters; our relationship to the Supreme Creator being a primary driver.

Paul began studying books of a spiritual nature many years ago in order to learn about spiritual truths, and authored The Profound Truth of Divine Existence – A New Modern Teaching. He has now finished his second book, titled Innocent and True Perception. This book should be released by middle to late 2015. Paul posts regular blogs. His book and blogs can be found on his website:

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