Maybe Revised

The latest revision of “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You”  is one step closer to perfection thanks to some constructive criticism from several new friends at “Clean Indie Reads – Home of Flinch-Free Fiction!” (Thank you!) “Maybe…” is a true story, but I am currently writing my first fictitious novel. I do not want to write an average piece of fiction; I intend to write and publish a best-selling novel. Certainly, I have much to learn. I will. If you would like to learn more about the book (more…)

Error 500: Proof That Techs Are Human

While attempting to change a minor setting on the sidebar of the help desk this morning, I made a mistake. This error of only a few standard characters of text in the settings of a plug-in, caused the site to go down in flames with an unpleasant “Error 500: Internal Server Error.” Even having knowledge of the internal workings of the site, this experience was quite unsettling. Well, I came in through the back door, edited a file, and brought the site back to life. “Why is Earl telling me (more…)

The Energy Of Love

“The Energy Of Love” by Paul Brewster Michael climbed the stairs to his grandfather’s bedroom. He opened the door and went in. His grandfather, now eighty-seven, was propped up on two pillows reading a book. Michael, who was seven, and the youngest of five children, went and stood beside his grandfather’s bed. His grandfather looked up from his book at Michael, and said, “Hello Michael. You’ve finished your dinner have you?” “Yes grandpapa, I have. What are you reading?” “This?” asked Michael’s grandfather, as he waved the book in front (more…)