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Author Earl ChinniciReaders need writers as much as writers need readers, neither would have much fun without the other. The concept behind the World Book Blog Tour is simple. Encourage authors and readers to help connect other authors and readers. If you like what you read or if you are an author joining in the fun, share this page through other sites, blogs, and social networks.

Thanks to all who participate.

Thank you, Christina McMullen, for adding me to the tour!

Christina McMullen is the author of several contemporary science fiction and urban fantasy novels. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys travel, vegan cooking, modern and classical art, and of course, reading.

Kind of Like Life” is her first novel in the Young Adult genre and “The Eyes of The Sun” is her first completed series.  For Christina’s World Book Blog Tour post, click here. Also be sure to connect with Christina McMullen on Facebook and Twitter.

These are the questions posed by the World Book Blog Tour:

* What am I working on?

I recently began work on my first fictitious novel and I am not yet ready to reveal much. Until now, I have only shared bits and pieces of the story with a couple of friends and family members. The storyline involves large groups of people and several strong conflicts blended with romantic and sometimes comedic interactions until everything changes abruptly. It is not easy in the monumental mayhem to assess the enormity of the situation, but a group of these people must shrug off their sadness and fears, join forces, and take care of the business of saving the world, or at least a large city.

* How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Perhaps one of my greatest concerns as a writer is that somebody might think I tried to mimic the works of another. Although it is often difficult to escape the feeling that “I’ve seen that movie before”, I hope my essence shines through in everything I write.

In addition, my writing is not attached to a fixed genre. My first book was non-fiction other than a tiny tall tale I tossed in to tickle the reader. Besides the fictitious novel I previously described, I am also composting several other book ideas and considering works of both fiction and non-fiction, perhaps even a blend of the two.

* Why do I write what I do?

I wrote my first book to help save a few lives. The day I quit smoking cigarettes and first began to use a nicotine patch to regulate the amount of nicotine I consumed each day, I was very excited by the thought that I may be on the verge of gaining some level of control over my addiction. I began to imagine that telling people about my “project” might help somebody in a special way. I began to seriously consider taking the time to write a book. Maybe some candid thought I wrote within my notes as I overcame cigarette addiction might help somebody make a wise and healthy choice never to begin smoking.

Now I write because I am a writer. What I write varies.

Here’s something of an entirely different nature.

* How does my writing process work?

By divine grace is the best answer I can muster for such a question.

With my first book, I started with ten words of a friend on a scrap of paper tucked away for safekeeping. I soon added more scraps. I showed my brief notes to another friend and she gifted me with a composition book and a large package of pens. I copied my notes into the composition book and then began to add words, sentences, and eventually paragraphs. It was a tedious process, when I decided to write a book, to digitize my notes into a computer. Although I cherish my composition book, I now begin with a word processor document template I created – blank, but styled – and attempt to fill it with an awesome bunch of words grouped together to convey a story and form a book.

** Next stop on the World Book Blog Tour? **

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