Tagged! The World Book Blog Tour

Readers need writers as much as writers need readers, neither would have much fun without the other. The concept behind the World Book Blog Tour is simple. Encourage authors and readers to help connect other authors and readers. If you like what you read or if you are an author joining in the fun, share this page through other sites, blogs, and social networks. Thanks to all who participate. Thank you, Christina McMullen, for adding me to the tour! Christina McMullen is the author of several contemporary science fiction and (more…)

Avoid This Scam

If you receive the following email, do not click the link. Instead, notify the supposed sender via a new e-mail message or by phone. It is likely the sender’s computer is infected.   If you do click the link, your browser will open and quickly redirect to a page that will attempt to force you to interact with malware. If you reach that page before you realize you were duped, use the Windows Task Manager to close your browser. When you reopen the browser, look quickly for windows or tabs (more…)