Three Years Free

Today, I celebrate the end of my third year tobacco-free. I lit my seventh cigarette of the day at 10:55 in the morning on June 24, 2011. At 11:30, I applied my first nicotine patch from the quitline. I had mixed feelings about the first patch. I experienced much uncertainty for the first couple of hours. At first, I was considerably nervous. However, by sunset I was feeling great!

In celebration, and because my eBook is no longer a “New Release”, I have lowered the price. You can now purchase “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You” for only $3.99. Smokers, how much are you paying for each pack of cigarettes? If you have ever said “I wish I could quit” or “I need to cut back”, I hope you will buy and read this book.

Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You

NOTE: Searching for “chinnici” is an easy way to locate “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You” at your favorite eBook store.